10 best backpacks with lots of space and Storage (2021)

10 Best backpacks with lots of space and Storage

We all want a new backpack for school, work, or everyday use. We all have at least one backpack in our closet that we just don’t use anymore, and it’s time it goes to the charity rags.

You don’t want to throw out a bunch of money and space on this backpack, so how do you make sure you get the best backpack for you?

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best backpacks on the market that are suitable for every type of backpacker, student, traveler, and professional.

There are quite a few different backpack styles out there, and it can be difficult to choose which one will be right for you.

it very difficult to buy a bag or backpack from their website. When I was starting to shop for a backpack, I was frustrated by the problem on both counts.

Having grown up on a farm, I wanted a bag that was durable and easy to carry around, but I also wanted a bag that would look good on my back.

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Converse Messenger Bag, Blue (Navy), 46 centimeters 100% polyester

Starter Backpack with Laptop Sleeve and Shoe Pocket, Amazon Exclusive, Black, One Size

Thule EnRoute 23L Backpackhard-shell safe zone compartment

1. Dakine Unisex Campus M Backpack, Azalea, 25L


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the mission backpack 25 liters from the kind this dope backpack features the cool palm leaf print in that 600d polyester.

it’s nice and durable and keeps all your goodies safe got these skate or snowboard straps at the front.


so you can keep your board with you at all times no matter where you go also got the external zipper pockets.

they’re free water bottles or other quick-access items around to the backside you’ll see we got those padded straps got lots of mesh on the inside and padding to keep it nice and comfy put on your back keep breathing.


also got the straps over their sternum and the hip belt for those hikes keep it nice and sturdy against your body.

you’ve also got that padding on the back panel especially down by the lumbar and the upper back there to keep you comfy on your hikes into the inside of this bag.

you’ve got the dual zippers in that front pocket there got some nice space we can store some items some accessories.

it’s got that beautiful redlining it’s nice and durable some slip pockets for all of your supplies and even a little zipper pocket at the top there to keep it all organized.

the main event here lots of room for your books. other supplies as well got a fleece-lined pocket for your tablet or other items.

that needs to be protected it protects that screen there and you’ve got tons of space also in that slip pocket is nice and padded for your laptop up to a 17-inch.

  • It is thick and fashionable.
  • It has a large laptop compartment.
  • It comes with a headphone port.
  • The inside material makes crinkly noises.

2. Thule EnRoute 23L Backpack


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the N route back bag 23 liters Julie this sturdy backpack is made from a combo of durable 330 dean nylon mini-ripstop and 600d polyester.

super durable backpack on the sides here we’ve got these zippers to bill pockets so you can store water bottles.

they have one on each side and you’ve got that top carrying handles it’s nice and sturdy and easy to carry on the backside.

you’ve got those extra-sturdy straps with the super-soft and padded material to keep you comfy and the sternum buckle keeps it locked down on that back portion.


the premium airflow channels with lots of padding to keep it safe and comfy on your back all day hoping to the inside you’ve got that zipper it’s open that bad boy nice and wide.

so you can get to your items got a zippered mesh panel on the front.

these safe edge construction keeps your laptop nice and safe and protected from the outside and the inside.

you’ve got that sleeve for your tablet as well to the inside we’ve got one panel on that front there it’s got a bunch of daisy chains.


so you can attach some items free hanging on the other side we’ve got a zippered pocket got lots of room for accessories to throw them in there and then one pocket here at the top.

some microfleece inside it keeps your phone or any other items scratch-free next we’ve got that top-loading crushproof SafeZone zip pocket for things like your sunglasses smartphone and anything else you want to keep safe.

  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has an anti-theft pocket.
  • It has hanging claps and a luggage strap.
  • Its laptop compartment does not have protective paddings.

3. Vans SPORTY BACKPACK Black White Day pack


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the obstacle skate pack from vans has plenty of protection and lots of room to carry everything you need.

you’re skateboarding with this awesome backpack it’s got these two straps that have hook and loop closures.

And adjustable buckles hold your skateboard perfectly as well as a jacket anything else you might want to hang off.

but overall it’ll be best for your skateboard the back of the backpack has a big pocket.

the bag plenty of room in there to store a laptop or anything else you want to have kind of closer to your back.

it’s got plenty of padding on the back there with padding on the opposite will make sure anything in there is secure and safe especially if you fall down.

you don’t want that it’s got a carrying handle on the top there with two adjustable straps in the back with plenty of padding.

it’s got a sternum buckle as well just to make sure this backpack stays super secure.  it has a little pocket on the top here that has a super padded inside to make sure your phone your glasses.

the front tall be good to store some smaller items the main compartment of the bag here opens up around the top here to a pretty spacious compartment on the inside their plenty of room on the inside.

  • This backpack is strong and durable.
  • A lifetime warranty backs this lifetime.
  • It is well-designed and made from quality fabrics.
  • It is quite heavy.

4. The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack, Dove Grey


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we’re checking out this awesome pack from The North Face now these guys were created with a vintage-inspired design.

it’s very very rugged and sturdy too to keep your stuff protected well let’s give me that really cool style.

your handles up on top so pick it up and go with adjustable shoulder straps back here with lots of padding.

the North Face logo with that little patch down there on the front of this pocket you have two pockets up in the front.

A good amount of storage space for that grab-and-go item so you’ll want to grab a quick pocket behind that for all your essentials.

you have one more in the very back here opens up lots of padding against this back while making it perfect for your laptop or your tablet so go ahead and add it to your cart today from the north fence.

  • It has a large capacity.
  • It is well-designed and super-light.
  • The backpack is sturdy.
  • Its front compartment extends towards the main compartment.
  • It is designed for men only.

5. Vans Old Skool III Backpack School Laptop 


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old school 3 backpacks from vans best backpacks with lots of space and Storage kick it real old school with this awesome bag.

it’s 100% nylon and this classic silhouette is going to give you a real nostalgic life it’s got a grab handle on the top of the bag.

so you can carry it around a little easier and it’s got these very padded adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable carry this backpack offers a small storage container.

on the front that unzips well, it’s plenty of space for any small items you want maybe some toothbrushes or pencils depending on what you’re doing,

and on the inside, it’s a much bigger storage space with alining that is 100% polyester

Plenty of space with a little tab in the back to hold a laptop or some folders lots of stuff will fit in here maybe some books or clothes,

whatever you do plenty of space to do it and a fantastic design to look great doing it as well you’re going to love this backpack kick it old school with an awesome backpack.

  • It is well-designed and made from quality fabrics.
  • lifetime warranty.
  • This backpack is strong and durable.
  • The side and front pockets are slightly small.

6. Thule EnRoute Laptop Backpack


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the EnRoute backpack 18 liters from Thule this backpack is made from a super durable 840 d nylon it keeps all your stuff safe,

got that water bottle pocket on the exterior, and check it out guys we’ve got one zipper pocket.

you can access these items and it’s kind of hidden out of sightseeing what we’ve got on this backside that top carrying handle for easy carry.

those extra padded shoulder straps keep you comfy well that back panel gives you lots of airflows and keeps you comfy and cool.

on the exterior here we’ve got that reflective material to give you lots of visibility and also that loop at the bottom to attach a blinky like we’ve got that crushproof safe zone zip pocket at the top it’s gotten of structure to keep your item safe.

and also that super soft interior material for things like sunglasses and your smartphone keeps them all safe moving into that main compartment.

you’ve got dual zipper access with the weather guard over that zipper to keep your items protected.

A tablet pocket inside, we’ve got that safe edge construction it protects your laptops keep them safe.

they’ve also got lots of padding to keep it safe on your back and comfy so carry all of your essentials in style.

  • Available in four colourways.
  • Protects your 15″ MacBook® or 14″ laptop.
  • Expandable drop pocket for quick access storage.
  • Organization panel keeps small items secure and easy to locate.
  • It is quite heavy.

7. Starter Backpack with Laptop Sleeve and Shoe Pocket


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this sleek backpack is made from a reinforced weatherproof denier military-grade outer shell.

we’ve also  1680 denier bottom panels for extended durability to keep all your goodies safe and looking good got the compression straps on the bottom in case.

you got a lighter load you can lock it all down and on this back, panel I’ve got the cushion straps with the lightweight mesh to keeping it nice and breathable.

that sternum strap to lock it all down with the cool little seatbelt-looking buckle for a little sense of humor.

I protected the waterproof urethane YKK zipper in it to keep your goodies safe the inside we got the weatherproof military-grade 18-ounce truck tarpaulin liner.

which is going to be weatherproof and keep all your goodies safe got the compression straps at the front unlock real easily.

you can see you’ve got a flap design if more of that tarpaulin liner I’ve also got a hook and loop strap to store all your goodies.

the dual zippers to get into that big pocket you got lots of room for storage including an additional hook and loop strap pocket.

the back it’s a little key loop so you don’t go losing the keys it’s also going to be nice for organization and you’ve got tons of space for your goodies.

including a slip pocket put some padding behind it or your laptop so carries around your stuff.

  • A backpack for school, the office, travel, hiking, or the gym.
  • Mesh side water bottle pockets, front zip pocket.
  • water bottle sleeve to keep you hydrated.
  • 600D with heathered hex stop panels.
  • only One Size

8. Vans Unisex Deana III Backpack School Bag


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vans are the best backpacks with lots of space and Storage school comes in a bunch of colors I’m showing you its looks much stuff you can fit in here is super spacious inside and it’s lots of pockets.

it will be perfect for the upcoming school year it’s got a padded back panel and two adjustable padded backpack straps at the back.

along with a carrying handle on the top and you get a slip pocket for your water bottle on the side.

front two zippered pockets this one is the smallest and is going to be perfect for holding your pens and pencils the one behind it is a bit bigger and actually,

has some pockets built-in on the back wall best backpacks with lots of space and Storage.

to help organize your personal items first zippered compartment is on the smaller side but it’s going to be a perfect size,

for holding your gym close and then you’ve got the main compartment right behind it very spacious.

you can hold your textbooks and all of your other school supplies and there are two stretchy mesh pockets on the back wall and lastly back.

A laptop compartment and it can hold up to an 18-inch laptop you can load everything you need for the school day in this backpack.

  • Great for school, travel.
  • Plenty of room for your laptop.
  • Great for everyday use.
  • Not for the large storage.

9. Converse Straight Edge Backpack


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the straightedge backpack from the converse this back-to-school backpack is going to be perfect for all-day classes whether you’re in high school or in college.

it’s made out of 100% polyester and it’s got a mesh webbing on the back for more breathability.

same mesh on those soldier straps to make very comfortable sides have a water pocket and store anything.

you might need and it has a very sturdy make with adjustable buckles on the top and bottom it’s making sure that the entire bag is ready to go.

this backpack has plenty of storage options the first is right here on the front and it has a very nice soft line textile on the inside.

It helps to store soft items but you want to kind keep protected like you know your glasses or maybe your phone or something.

the front on this pocket with the logo’s got plenty of storage space for just some extra love knickknacks.

you might want to bring with you who knows maybe some snacks for class it has another pocket here on the front as well unzip all the way down and have plenty of storage space.

lots of room in there it’s got a divider for your pens and pencils and anything else you might want as well as this keyring on the top.

so you don’t lose your keys the inside is protected with these buckles which are fully adjustable.

  • main pocket with two-way zip closure
  • two front zip pockets
  • reinforced back and shoulder straps
  • durable material
  • 3 separated compartments
  • Colours: only black, white

10. The North Face “Borealis Backpack


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the North Face this backpack has a really compact design so it’s going to make traveling super easy.

it is TSA approved which is always important for those who travel got comfortable shoulder straps back here lined with mesh.

keep your shoulders feeling great I also have that handle on top so you can pick it up and go great storage throughout.

A little pocket in the front interlined with fleece best backpacks with lots of space and Storage.

so it’s very free more fragile items like a cell phone or sunglasses to make sure they stay protected.

you got your main compartment’s front one opens up lots of storage with a great organization for your smaller items.

always have those at the ready and then behind that, you have your laptop compartment that opens up like that it will lay flat.

which is great and of course you have lots of padding on there to keep your electronics safe it’s an awesome backpack so don’t miss out.

  • It has a large capacity to store things
  • It is well-designed and super-light.
  • The backpack is sturdy.
  • Its front compartment extends towards the main compartment.
  • It is designed for men only.

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